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do you WANT To become croupier and to build a career as a successful casino DEALER?

The Casino Industry is booming right now, and properly trained Casino Dealers are in very high demand - not just in european casinos, but in more and more popular casinos on cruise ships. New casinos & cruise ships are popping up across the world at a record pace, creating literally countless new casino jobs each and every day. Casino Employment is flexible and well paid, and most casinos offer excellent benefit packages.Casino Dealer Academy provides education and training in all aspects of casino table games employment. Our experienced instructors will provide you with the skills and knowledge to begin a great career. We offer day and evening classes on all casino games, as well as electronic games repair and casino management.

that is exactly what do we offer, training for the dealers in a professional environment!

Our Casino School  will give you the skills & proper training you need to be audition ready & extremely hirable. Sound interesting? What are you waiting for! Give us a call at +381604333551 or send us a message and start training for an exciting new career today! Our instructors will take you step-by-step through the mechanics of dealing each game and also share their many years of experience, an invaluable benefit.In as little as ten weeks you could be behind the table & dealing the cards as a high paid casino dealer.


The Casino Dealer Academy teaches you all you need to not only pass your audition to work at a Casino, but to actually work at a Casino. Our course will set you apart from other dealers and will help you get promoted to full-time faster, which will then make you more money. Many schools only teach you what you need to pass the audition... but they don't help you get ahead once you start work. Additionally, graduates of Casino Dealer Academy are always welcome to come back to the school to practice their games for free.

What casino games are we train:

American/European roulette.

Black Jack.

Caribbean stud poker.

Three card poker.

Texas hold'em poker.

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